Rapeseed flowers significantly earlier than in 2023 -
Satellite monitoring shows vegetation in full swing

Moist soils coupled with high temperatures led to an early start of the rapeseed flowering this year. The first flowers were already visible in mid-March in western Germany. In other European countries, the vegetation has progressed even further, as CropRadar reveals. 

Germany – While last year the flowering period did not start until the beginning of April, this year the oilseed rape blossom is developing much earlier and more evenly across the country. This is particularly noticeable in the eastern German states and here in the regions of Saxony, southern Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt, which are significantly further advanced in their vegetation than last year. 

However, flowering is not only well advanced in Germany, but also in France and Hungary – with almost complete flowering splendour in the fields. In the UK, specially in the south-west, and in south-east Europe – including Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, and Slovakia – flowering is also fully developed. Poland also recorded a significantly earlier start to flowering compared to the previous year. While flowering did not begin there until mid-April in 2023, it has already started. In north-east Europe, however, rapeseed is still waiting to flower.

CropRadar from Kleffmann Digital RS uses satellite data to analyse agricultural areas worldwide. The development of oilseed rape vegetation can be tracked in near real time in various countreis and regions of Europe via the online portal. The progression over time is shown as a colour development on the country maps and made dynamically visible. The early recognition of the flowering phases enables farmers, agricultural companies and research institutions to better understand the vegetation behaviour of important market crops and cultures, to recognise market-relevant developments at an early stage and to make evidence-based decisions with regard to management and production. 

Development of rapeseed flowering in Germany in a year-on-year comparison. The images from 9 April 2024 show that rapeseed flowering has progressed significantly further this year than last year.

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