About Kleffmann Digital

Smart Innovations for Farming and Agribusiness

Kleffmann Digital RS is an owner-operated company that has evolved from the Kleffmann Group – until 2019 one of the world’s leading companies for agricultural market research.

Building on thirty years of experience in international agricultural research, outstanding expertise in data analysis & machine learning and a deep understanding and knowledge of the agribusiness & farmers’ needs, Kleffmann Digital RS applies its key competences to modern remote sensing technology.

Agronomists, remote sensing specialists, data scientists, geoinformaticians and physicists work closely together to translate complex data into easy-to-use and application-oriented agricultural solutions.

With the established and industry-independent satellite and AI-based products “CropRadar” and “MyDataPlant”, Kleffmann Digital RS is a driver for resource-efficient and sustainable agriculture.

CropRadar is a satellite-based classification tool for the detection and precise calculation of cultivated areas. With the highest accuracy, CropRadar provides information on the distribution and cultivation amounts of the most important main crops in different countries.

MyDataPlant is a tool for optimising arable farming whose mode of operation is based on the intelligent interpretation of current digital satellite data. The precision farming technology offers the possibility to monitor the stand vitality of all farm areas from a bird’s eye view and to manage them site-specifically. Fertiliser, seed and crop protection quantities can be used in a maximally resource-efficient way by matching them to the different growing conditions of the respective areas of a field.
More information can be found at www.mydataplant.com.