The Global Independent Crop Monitoring System

CropRadar is the independent remote sensing system for global crop mapping. Based on satellite data, machine learning algorithms and proven model calculations, Kleffmann Digital has perfected global crop recognition. With an accuracy of up to 98 %, CropRadar offers you the possibility to identify the acreage of different crops from country to postcode level.

CropRadar Portal is an independent platform for visualising the classification results. You can analyse the area distribution of different crops and interpret the vegetation development in the cultivation season based on further data sources (such as weather data, biomass).

Management tool for reliable forecasts

Data levels: Country – district – municipality – postcode

Monitoring of area changes

Consulting tool for multiple industries

Interdisciplinary team of experts

Independent data source

High temporal and spatial resolution

Continuous calibration & validation

Precise data thanks to AI & satellite technology