Your management tool for accurate, efficient and reliable forecasting of crop areas and related projections.
A decision-making tool based on timely independent data.

As an independent remote sensing system, CropRadar offers a highly accurate analysis and consulting tool for strategic business decisions across many different industries.


Agriculture is the core of our business, over the past 30 years we have built up an international network in the agricultural sector. With CropRadar we offer a modern independent solution for industry and trade.


Did you know that only 0.5% of the Earth’s surface can currently be used for food production? Combined with the growing world population and climate change, this poses increasing challenges for the food industry. The constant monitoring of harvests and yields is becoming increasingly important. With CropRadar we offer an independent management tool for reliable planning decisions.


Drinking water supplies are subject to strict regulations relating to quality, avoidance of contaminants and monitoring of groundwater supplies. CropRadar provides water companies with an independent and up-to-date tool for monitoring the crops grown in water catchments.


Claims and risk assessment from your desk – with CropRadar you always have access to independent and up-to-date data, down to postcode level. CropRadar is the ideal tool for insurance companies to monitor risk, improve service and sales performance.

Environment and nature conservation

How can we monitor increasing globalisation and constant climate change worldwide? CropRadar offers companies, NGOs and authorities in the field of environmental, water and nature protection the possibility to centrally record and analyse changes in the earth’s surface.