Special crops with CropRadar - Cultivation of fresh peas

In Germany, the cultivation of legumes has so far only been of minor importance. The area under fresh peas as a food crop is less than 1,000 ha and accounts for less than 7% of all outdoor vegetables. In a global context, however, pulses (lentils, chickpeas, beans, etc.) play the second most important role after cereals.

In agriculture, pulses have a high value as a precrop, especially for cereals, due to their nitrogen fixation. The relatively high temperature requirements of legumes can now also be met in regions in Germany due to climate change. As, for example, with a farmer from North Rhine-Westphalia near the Dutch border, from whom these images were taken. The peas pictured here were sown in contract farming at the beginning of March and are expected to be harvested at the end of June. They will then be processed by a Dutch company.

The biomass map from 1 June shows a largely homogeneous field. In the upper third, the biomass is not quite as strong, which can be attributed to the previous crop.

With CropRadar we can show you both the cultivated areas of a crop and monitor biomass reporting over a defined cultivation period. Keep in touch with the developing crops with CropRadar!

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