#MonitoringMonday - Lupine fields in their prime

What are those purple-coloured fields we discovered in central England? Here, lupins are grown as an intercrop. In May they flower in different colours depending on the species, like here for example in a rich shade of purple.

Lupins belong to the Lamiaceae genus and are often used in crop rotation in agriculture. They have a special characteristic. All labiates are able to absorb nitrogen from the air, bind it to their roots and then transfer it to the soil partly via nutrient exchange processes. The remaining nitrogen remains in the plants, which are then ploughed under at a later stage. In this way, important nutrients are added to the soil without the need for fertilisation. However, lupins are also on the rise as a cultivated crop. Their beans are used to make plant-based foods such as noodles and patties. The beautiful intense colour is a nice side effect.

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